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You can watch the Millennial Ustad drama series on the WeTV streaming platform

Welcoming the fasting month, an application-based platform and website owned by technology giant Tencent, WeTV is back with a quality program entitled WeTV Original Ustad Millenial. WeTV Original Ustad Millennial is a collaboration between WeTV Indonesia and Imagine Pictures.

To the media crew, Eko Kristianto as the Producer of WeTV Original Ustad Millennial, was outspoken about the process of filming the series which was carried out during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Eko admitted that his party had experienced problems regarding the shooting location. The pandemic that is still happening is the biggest challenge for them.

"One more thing here is the seriousness of the location problem. Because we collided with COVID-19, the Task Force," said Eko in the Thamrin area, Central Jakarta, recently.


The process of filming the Millennial Ustad series was very healthy. The shooting process took 60 days, with a shooting duration of 14 hours a day.

Starring Prilly Latuconsina and Arbani Yasiz as the main characters, this drama series brings up the twists and turns of the story of friendship, love, and family.

This was conveyed by Lasley Simpson as Country Manager of WeTV Indonesia. He said that the series which has 20 episodes is included in an expensive series.

Lasley said that what he meant was expensive, not referring to the budget that was issued but to the quality of the series.

"If it is expensive or cheap, it is relative, yes. Here, all do not bear it. Religion with top quality. Hopefully it can have a tremendous impact on Indonesia," he continued.

Reflecting on the world of cinema in Hollywood which is willing to spend a large budget for a film, Lasley admits there is nothing wrong with doing the same thing in Indonesia.

"I want to make the OTT platform like a film. The industry has to be good, it has to go up, whether it's a platform series, the web series is shooting the same, the foundation is making something serious. Hopefully the others will compete to beat this," said Eko Kristianto, WeTV Original Producer Ustad Millennial in his press statement, Monday (19/4/2021).

"This is 20 episodes (if) in the middle of the road someone is sick of all kinds, the shooting is over. We shoot from January to March," said Eko added.

See the rest of the story in the Millennial Ustad drama series that airs on WeTV starting today.

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