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WoW Classic: Warlock in Endgame

The Warlock represents a spell class with relatively many Health Points, Practical Curses, and great CC abilities. You'll have to deal with the fact that you do not have any special Cooldown spells in the DpS range and your default Shadowblitz spell must arrive against Resistances. On the following four pages, we'll explain how you and your sorcerer can handle the endgame challenges. We restrict ourselves to a single style of play, which has been seen in raids as a favor and has proven to be effective: Demonic sacrifice, "Demonic Sacrifice" or even DS. But before we go into details and introduce you to this style of play, we'll explain factors such as Consumables, Classical Soul Shards, Best Gear, Essential Abilities, and also talk about your Demonic companions and the optimal races for budding Warlocks.

Budding sorcerers are restricted in the choice of peoples. The Horde can only send Orcs and Undead to the Witcher School, while the Alliance has Gnome and Human Wizards. If you are not interested in RPG or aesthetics, there are clear winners on both sides. While the value differences are negligible, there are important people skills. With the Forsaken Will, undead characters can negate nasty mechanics of dungeon and raid bosses, as the ability makes them immune to fear, sleep, or enchantment for five seconds. They can also activate the ability if they are already affected by such an effect. On the other hand, the passive bonus authority of the orcs does not come, which gives their companions five percent more damage. As a sorcerer you do not rely on the direct damage of the pets in the Endgame anyway.

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Gnomes have the excellent passive ability Guards Spirit, which basically gives them five percent more intelligence. As a result, with each new piece of equipment, both your mana pool and the chance to land critical hits increase. Instead, humans gain five percent more willpower, but this value is not as important to sorcerers as it is to intelligence. As an icing on the cake, gnomes can still enjoy unleashing artists, an ability to escape effects that limit their movement.
Professions for Warlocks in Classic?

Sorcerers and other adventurers, of course, love to spend their time beating monsters, but they all have multiple professions. The sorcerer should know best about tailoring and engineering. In this way you can not only earn some gold in the level phase and create your own rift. With items like the Robe of Void (the recipe is a rare drop in Scholomance), you'll be able to craft a BiS garment that will serve you well in Phase 3 or 4 of the Raid Tiers. Engineering, on the other hand, revolves around the big firecrackers: the explosives and bombs you make as an engineer contribute well to your DPs and work wonders on opposing groups. Later, when it comes to raids like Ahn'Qiraj or Naxxramas, it's also worth making engineering pets like the Arkanite Dragonling. The Little Flutterviech can make bosses more sensitive to Fire damage, and thus strengthen the DpS of the Mages in your party. In the Molten Core or the Blackwing Lair, you can then use the Gnome Battle Chicken instead, which assists melee.

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