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WoW Burning Crusade Classic have received the so-called pre-patch

The MMORPG World of Warcraft - in the Classic version - received the so-called pre-patch, preparing it for the upcoming release of The Burning Crusade (via GameSpot). The update introduces new playable races (Alliance Draenei and Horde Blood Elves), and changes items and character classes.

Extras and optional services include:
  •     Dark Portal Pass: Players can use this to upgrade a character of their choice to level 58 (limit of one per account; new races excluded; Burning Crusade Classic realms only) and provide them with equipment, a mount, consumables and some 'gold: in short, everything they need to dive into the Dark Portal at publication.
  •     Digital Deluxe Collector's Edition: Includes the Dark Portal Pass, 30 days of play time, Reawakened Phase-Hunter mount for Burning Crusade Classic, Greenish Phasic Hunter mount for modern WoW players, Dark Portal Hearthstone and Path of toy Illidan.
  •     Character Cloning: This optional service allows players to create a copy of an existing WoW Classic character on either a Burning Crusade Classic server or an Era Classic server.

What can I do in the pre-patch?
Since the pre-patch, as the name suggests, is a kind of preliminary stage of the new expansion, you cannot enter Outland yet. But you can already play the new races Draenei and Blood Elves and bring them to level 60.

Starting with the pre-patch, this is also easier than before, as the experience required between levels 20 and 60 has been reduced. You can also learn the new profession of jewelery art and level it up to level 300. You can also learn your first riding skill from level 30 (previously: level 40).

So in-game mail stopped the client from working as intended.  Essentially, they’re turning one game into two games, which isn’t likely a thing that should be happening to begin with. There’s a lot of negative sentiment about the “WoW Classic” and “WoW Burning Crusade” separate servers. But what can we expect, regardless, after the WoW Burning Crusade Pre Patch?

Character Cloning in WoW Classic Character cloning allows you to copy your hero to play in The Burning Crusade Classic expansion, while keeping a copy of it at the old level on the Classic Era server (game version 1.13). The service is payable and after some perturbations it was finally priced at EUR 15 (about PLN 68).

Why do I have to choose between Burning Crusade and Era servers?
With the first extension for WoW Classic, you as a player have the choice of whether you want to play the contents of Burning Crusade or prefer to stay on your Classic server as usual without the extension. If you just want to play WoW Classic without the Burning Crusade add-on, you switch to a so-called era server.

Theoretically, you don't have to decide for either of the two, but can clone your character in order to continue playing WoW Classic and Burning Crusade. But that costs you 15 euros per character clone and met with a lot of criticism from the WoW community.

It will take you endless days to farm all gold, primals, materials, reputation marks. The raids are extremely difficult, so you may experience high consumable costs. You may have searched on "TBC gold", "Buy WoW TBC gold" or "WoW TBC Classic gold" or anything like that. We're here to announce that 5mmo.com will be delivered TBC gold as soon it releases. Our Delivery times on this server will be 15-45 minutes on average. We expect the old classic servers to continue on TBC> So we will be farming gold on all servers to be prepared for the WoW TBC launch! WoW The Burning Crusade Classic is going to launch on the 1st of June. We added gold packages for all TBC servers. So make sure you're prepared and bookmark our TBC content page.
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