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Will Wanda-Metropolitano be Chosen as the Stadium of La Liga in FIFA 18

The previous FIFA series seemed to have paid much more attention to those stadiums for the Premier League. So it is a pity for fans of some leagues of La Liga. In 2016, Wang Jiangling, the richest man of China, gained the naming right of a new stadium of Atletico Madrid. The stadium was at last named Wanda-Metropolitano. There is a few stadiums for La Liga. So people guess  whether the newly reconstructed stadium for Atletico Madrid will be empowered by EA Sports for its FIFA 18.
FIFA 18-La Liga and Club Atletico de Madrid

The Expectations of Players
A lot of players blamed EA’s preference to the Premier League. So they are eager to have more leagues and more stadiums. Many fans of La Liga think it is a good opportunity to add a stadium for La Liga since there is really a lack of it. They jokingly call FIFA series a world of the Premier League. They mean that if there is not anything new, EA Sports had better change the name of FIFA into the Premier League. Certainly, it is just a joke. However, this proves the fact that players crave for more stadiums for FIFA 18.

FIFA 18 Is Able to Show the Beauty of Wanda-Metrolitano 
Except for the problems of empowerment, another difficulty could be the technique. We will never doubt EA’s ability to cooperate with the world famous leagues or stadiums. Because the effort EA made in the previous games has proved that. As for technique, there are also some hints that FIFA 18 is able to show the beauty of Wanda-Metrolitano. Powered by Frostbite which is made full use by EA Sports, FIFA 18 will be improved a lot in the graphics. Even there are some pictures exposed online showed the excellent effect of the graphics. So the newly constructed stadiums will be well presented in FIFA 18. 
  FIFA 18-Wanda-Metropolitan  
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