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Where to Find Hippogriff Marked Live Location in Hogwarts Legacy

The Hippogriff Marks the Spot, a side mission in Hogwarts Legacy, directs players to specified spots in the open world in search of riches. Players might have an additional motivation to locate acceptable locations because this objective is linked to the missions "Bells Solved" and "Saving the Rococo." It's important to note that finishing this side quest will assist in fulfilling the side and relationship quest difficulties and assist in obtaining the "Good Samaritan" trophy and accomplishment. It can be difficult to find side tasks because they require several stages to unlock. As a result, this tutorial will assist players in locating the Hippogriff in the Hogwarts Legacy indicated live area. But, players must also have enough Hogwarts Legacy Boosting Service prepared before starting the game.
Hunt for Addiction Head Winged Beast marks live location in Hogwarts Legacy
The destination of this mission is Henrietta's hiding place, which is near some ruins on the edge of the manor corner. Henrietta's map has three illustrations, one of which gives the player a hint as to precisely where this area is. The red arrow in the upper right image and the player's Highlands map point to a specific area of Henrietta's Hideaway that leads to the subsequent quest phase. When the tunnel beneath the ruins leads to the statue of the Hippogriff flying mount from the Hogwarts Legacy, which is encircled by multiple braziers, players will know they are in the right area.
Players can find new gear as well as other gifts scattered throughout the region by casting the Revelio spell. The quest sends the player to a statue of a hippogriff, whose brazier must be oriented to match the drawing visible on Henrietta's map, while more spell cube puzzles must be solved nearby.


How to start Hippogriff Marks The Spot in Hogwarts Legacy
You must get Henrietta's map from Poidsear Castle in order to begin the Hippogriff Marks the Spot side quest. Inside one of the marquee tents, it will be set out for you on a table. When you approach the Poidsear Castle Floo fires, you may keep track of fresh quests and let the game show you where they are on the map.
The major plot quests "Books and Suffering," "Quest - Professor Hecate's Mission 1," and "Quest - Ms. Furukawa's Mission 1" must first be finished in order to access this side quest. It's imperative to finish these tasks first since the spells you learn from them are required to solve the problems.
If you picture yourself atop a compass, looking down on the Hippogriff with North on its back, you can also recall how to light the brazier in this way: West, North, East, and South-East lighting. Leave all other braziers out and put them out as necessary. The location of the Hippogriff is described above. The Hogwarts legacy contains a marker for the scene's location. To locate the Hippogriff more quickly, players in the game can purchase affordable Hogwarts Legacy Data Boosting.
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