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The guide you need to know before playing 8 ball pool

8-ball pool is played with one white "cue ball" and 15 numbered balls – including one black "8-ball." One player is trying to pocket the solid-colored balls ("solids," numbered 1-7) while the other player tries to knock in the striped balls ("stripes," numbered 9-15). A player cannot sink the 8-ball until he or she has pocketed all of the appropriate balls (stripes or solids). The first player to pocket the 8-ball wins the game.

8 Ball Pool is the best multiplayer billiard-themed pool simulation sports game, which was published by Miniclip. And it's now available for IOS & Android. You can ask worldwide players & friends for a 1-on-1 match, or you can join in an up to 8 players' tournaments competition. Your goal is to pocket the colored pool balls of your type while preventing the opponent from doing the same. After you pocket all seven of your pool balls, you need to pocket the eight ball (black ball) to win. In the following, I will introduce how to play 8 Ball Pool, and some rules of 8BP to help you to play well this gameplay.

If you’re new, it may take awhile before you get a decent cue. The best cue that you can get in short order (without paying for in real money) is the country cue. It goes for $40 pool cash. The game used to offer lots of cues for pool cash, but they changed it with the addition of the “surprise boxes”. You can earn $40 in pool cash by leveling up, watching a video once a day, and by viewing and clicking on ads. Most of the $1 ads require little to no commitment. The downside is it might take you a few days to get to $40 this way.

Learn the lingo. Pool is rich with unique terminology that can be difficult for new players to understand. Reference the terms as you learn to play. If you aren't sure what something means, ask a veteran pool player to clarify.

    Object balls: The striped and solid balls numbered 1-15. Every pool ball but the cue ball. The "object balls" are the balls that you are trying to knock into the pockets.
    Pocket: The baskets along the rim of the pool table. There are six pockets: one in each corner, and one at the midpoint of each long side. "Pocketing" is the act of knocking one or more numbered "object" balls into a pocket.
    Rail: The bank along the side of the pool tabletop.
    Scratch: When a player accidentally knocks the cue ball into a pocket. If you scratch, remove one of your sunk balls from a pocket and place it back in the center of the table. Your opponent now has the chance to shoot from his or her chosen spot at the top of the table.
    Open table: The table is "open" when the choice of groups (stripes or solids) has not yet been determined. When the table is open, it is legal to hit a solid first in order to make a stripe or solid.
    Foul penalty: Opposing player gets the cue ball in hand. This means that the player can place the cue ball anywhere on the table to take his or her next shot.

Play at the level you are at! Don’t go all in at Jakarta if your playing at a Tokyo level. Rule of thumb, never wager more than half your coins. This way you won’t have to play your way out of London because you gambled and lost.

I recommend chasing down rings one at a time. This ensures you never over-bet and you buildup gradually against like competition.

How to Buy 8 Ball Pool Coins Online
Like many other Miniclip games, micro-transactions are a function of 8 Ball Pool, and are a popular business model with many other Miniclip games. With 8 Ball Pool, you can purchase virtual goods through the use of a credit card of referral card and convert it into 8 Ball Pool Coins on the 8 Ball Pool Coins Store Shop. z2u.com pulls out all the stops to ensure your transaction remains safe, easy, and secure. You can now afford to crazy on the 8 Ball Pool currency market. So go get as much 8 Ball Pool coins as you want! We’ve got your back.

If you are a beginner of 8 Ball Pool, hope this guide will help you out. And if you want to know more, you can also visit z2u.com.
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