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The first major update 1.2 for Genshin Impact will be released

Cheap Genshin Impact Account Tomorrow, December 23rd, the first major update 1.2 for Genshin Impact will be released. The free role-playing game will be expanded to include a new region and several new characters. To do this, the servers are maintained and you may not be able to load the anime-style RPG in the meantime - but it will return soon with a lot of new content. But what's in Update 1.2 with the title "Chalk and Dragons"?

There’s also a seasonal event taking place in Dragonspine called The Chalk Prince and the Dragon, where you join up with Chief Alchemist Albedo as you investigate a sword of power called Festering Desire. You can earn this weapon for yourself by participating in the event, alongside other items such as the Crown of Insight from the event shop.

Genshin Impact

The Frostbearing Tree is a new reward structure. By offering Crimson Agates from the region, players can receive a new wind glider, Intertwined Fate, weapon blueprints, Acquaint Fate and much more as rank-up rewards. A new Domain, the Peak in Vindagnyr, is also available with new Artifacts to earn.

Now, you’ve probably noticed that you don’t have any mail that gives you Acquaint Fate. Don’t worry because you can find this in Genshin Impact‘s character menu. Go select any of your peeps and you should see a small button on the right-hand side of the screen. If you click on it, it shows you the character’s Ascension progress, Ascension materials, and the Acquaint Fates you can claim.

The "Chalk and Dragons" action now no longer requires Original Resin, as was the case with other events in the game so far - in the patch notes it sounds as if this is a continuous change for all actions from version 1.2. In "Chalk and Dragons" you can solve various tasks and win the 4-star one-handed sword "Sword of Corruption" for free.

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