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Starlink Battle for Atlas is an open-world shooter brimming with potential

Starlink: Battle for Atlas has arrived at an odd time. It's launching in an era that comes after the real toys-for-life boon, and over the last few years we’ve seen similar toy-enabled titles like Skylanders, Disney Infinity and even Lego Dimensions slip into oblivion. So in that sense, Starlink: Battle for Atlas, with its range of modular space toys and figures, seems like a bit of a risk.

When a video game like Starlink: Battle for Atlas has a toys-to-life component, it can be hard to look past. The first question that comes to many people's minds is: Do I really have to spend money on toys just to play a video game?

Starlink: Battle for Atlas is an open-world shooter brimming with potential. The title can be played digitally, or through the use of figurines like those found in Disney Infinity and Skylanders. The toys-to-life approach hinders its potential at a grander scale because, at times, it feels like the game was pared down to appeal to a younger demographic. Instead of mature characters, Starlink features bizarre teenagers who joke around despite the fact that their lives are in peril. The title could've been a franchise to rival the greatest sci-fi series' out there due to its expansive environments. Indeed, Starlink is excellent, but it could've been one of the best games of 2018 if Ubisoft had taken a few more risks.

So how do you get started in Starlink? One way is the physical starter set. These sets are slightly different depending on which system you own. Xbox One and PS4 sets include one ship, one pilot, and three weapons. The Switch version has a different setup: the included ship is the famous Arwing, and you get two pilots and two guns. The Switch version also comes with digital versions of one other ship and one other weapon. If you have the option, the Switch physical starter is the best choice of the three, especially considering the exclusive Starfox missions it includes. Retail price for all the physical starters is $75, though the game can be found at a discount fairly easily.

Throughout the course of the game, you'll be tasked with exploring seven planets - and the surrounding vastness of space - to discover all their secrets, pushing back the enemy Legion forces, and building a resistance. But in between all that, there are these moments of tranquility, where you'll be scanning animals to discover what species they are, removing Legion blights from their back like some cosmic vet, or simply collecting minerals, plants and other items to build out your Altas encyclopedia and earn some in-game dosh along the way.

Overall, Starlink is an impressive experience. It's a shame that the story and limited exploration options hold the title back. The game could've rivaled some of the best space exploration games out there, but its need to appeal to a younger crowd undoubtedly takes away from the package. More than anything, Starlink needs a stronger cast of characters, and the ability to explore your immediate surrounding on foot and interact with the game's worlds directly. Despite these issues, the game is a lot of fun, especially when you're blasting away enemies in thrilling space combat. I just wish its true potential had been realized.

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