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Sons Of The Forest: How To Get The Essentials (Tape, Rope, Logs)

Players must gather essential supplies from the distant Cannibal Isle if they want to survive the Children of the Forest. To make the days and weeks that come after easier, it is ideal for your first few days in Children of the Forest to gather as many practical items, tools, and resources as you can. Logs, Sticks, Tape, Printer's Resin, and Rope are some of the most crucial and useful resources in the game, and players can buy more Sons of the Forest Items in-game to help find more essentials.
Finding Logs
In Children of the Forest, players begin with an emergency pack that includes an axe. This ax is necessary for harvesting logs because the player needs to cut down trees to produce and gather them.
It is best to adopt methods that work well in the forest and harvest logs close to where the player plans to build their base because players cannot transport large quantities of logs at once. Huts, bridges, and other major shelters can be made out of logs.
Collecting Sticks
The stick has to be the other key piece of nature in Children of the Forest. More than thirty crafting recipes, including those for shelters, traps, and fires, can be made with sticks that can be found on the ground or that come from saplings. Other natural resources in the game include leaves for fire and leaf bugs, feathers and small stones for stone arrows, and blueberry seeds for creating pots.
Children of the Forest's natural resources are all simple to gather, but the game becomes more challenging when the player needs manufactured materials like duct tape. Fortunately, the island is covered in forgotten crates and tiny outposts of vanished civilizations, allowing players to scavenge in Children of the Forest and be ready to fight repulsive adversaries.
Finding Tape
Children of the Forest uses tape to hold different buildings together; you may get it in yellow crates. To create spears, bows, or stick beds to save their game, players will also need duct tape, which can be obtained in the red case. Due to its high prevalence, players should find some after opening a few chests.
Geting Rope
Children of the Forest's rope is a resource that can only be found in specific locations because it is not a naturally occurring resource. The crates and luggage strewn about spawn should be the first place to look as they occasionally include ropes that can be used for early crafting.
Following that, look in the following places to find rope:
Enemy camp
Cases and crates are frequently found in enemy camps, like the crash scene of a spawn. This is obviously riskier because mutant cannibals will be defending the area, and you might have to kill them to retrieve the rope.
On your GPS map, caves are often indicated by a white cave icon, although occasionally you can locate them at story markers (green circles). Ropes are typically located close to the entrance or occasionally at the loot area at the end of the cave system.
It's best to search along the top and bottom of the cliff's edge to check if there is any nearby buried treasure because cliffs can occasionally conceal items like ropes.
Sometimes there are simply ropes close by at beaches, cliffs, and cave entrances. Try looking near disasters and shipwrecks, as well as bodies that have been left hanging or nailed to spears.
In addition to preparing a variety of Sons of the Forest Tools in the game, I hope the above guidance can assist players in finding more essentials in Sons of the Forest.
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