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Some Things You Need to Know About Forza Motorsport 7

What is Forza Motorsport 7?

Number seven in what is gradually becoming an impressive line of racial classics. One where the latter fits seamlessly. Turn 10 Studios has also pulled open his tricks box again, resulting in 700 racing machines, 32 turns and a virtual reality that is barely distinguishable from the carnal.

Because yes, Forza Motorsport has finally got its weather generator with which the Microsoft franchise nowhere has to put the thumbs for the other big racing simulators, being Gran Turismo and Project Cars. At least, that's the theory.


We mainly prune Forza Motorsport for its steering. Unlike the two sims mentioned above, an arcade key is included in the gameplay, making it a lot easier for controllers, like ourselves, to set fast times.

Which does not mean that the added-value seekers now have to click this page immediately. A few tweaks and you send joystick then respond realistically and naturally.

All that means that you also run the difficulty level a whole note faster. And you actually also need to get a steering wheel and a set of pedals at home.

The garage is equally impressive. 700 cars, whoever does not like their needs, may have to seek their salvation in Cycling Manager. From a Defender over a racing truck to a Formula 1 from days long gone, it's all in the range. At least, if you have the necessary experience for each other.

Forza Motorsport now also works with a kind of reward system where you need to earn more exclusive convenience by climbing the career ladder higher up. Indeed, as is the case with GT.

A significant detail. At 'Free Play' you can grab in the full range. So also the cars where you have not yet reached the right ranking in offline mode.


Very little actually. Yes, it is slightly less realistic than Gran Turismo Sport and Project Cars 2. Because of the previously mentioned control, but also because of the damage simulation that is just a bit more far-reaching with the other two.

No criticism of the dynamic weather, display of the cars and circuit or the AI ​​of the opposition. It is at the same level. Work somewhat on the nerves: the long loading times. And if we really still have to look for something, a Virtual Reality support would have been appropriate in this.


Forza Motorsport 7 is a particularly tasty racing sim that everyone can take care of. This increased accessibility and the fact that more meat is available on FM7 (larger garage, more extensive Career Mode), make Microsoft's vision on racing games the most satisfying of our expectations. Just a pity that we also immediately have to purchase an Xbox or Windows platform.

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