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some of the best tips for the this for Puzzles and Survival beginner players

In the first few weeks of 2021, the internet, especially the mobile game community, saw the rise of Puzzles & Survival, a trending mobile game released by 37GAMES. Numerous gaming YouTubers have been recommending this zombie apocalypse-themed mobile game. And players worldwide have been playing it, according to the App Store and Google Play download rankings. 37GAMES' latest product found a critical and commercial success thanks to its unique, innovative combination of puzzle gameplay and strategy wargame elements.

This mobile game is designed according to the theme of zombie survival. The player must escape the infected pursuit of the undead. But instead of how you set up defensive bases, create protective fences, gamers now kill zombies by playing a game like Candy Crush Saga. That means you make destruction of blocks of the same color to take down the undead.

There is a lot to do in this game, and for anyone starting the game for the first time, it may be a bit overwhelming, but take your time and follow the quest list to let the guide you as to what to do next. Below you-ll find some of he best tips for the this for beginner players.

1. The Best Approach to Conquering Campaign Mode
• Puzzles & Survival’s campaign mode acts as a match-three puzzler that features light RPG elements.
• During regular puzzle stages, you’ll confront three waves of enemies. Make your matches as usual, but try to keep an eye out for puzzle piece matches that go over the number of three.
• It’s always worth having a healer on your team. Their special ability comes in handy, especially during boss encounters.  

2. Keep on Building, Upgrading, and Researching
• One thing you should never do is leave your building and research jobs idle. Those are the types of responsibilities that should always be in the process of working while you tend to Puzzles & Survival other duties.
• If you’re going to spend your diamonds on something worthwhile, you’re much better off using them to purchase an extra build slot every two days. Having an extra build slot will certainly pay off in the long run.

3. Use Your Free Recruit Chances and Take Advantage of the Recruit 10x Option
• You’re going to need all the help you can get as you get farther and farther into the main campaign. Heading to Noah’s Tavern to recruit more heroes to your cause is a necessity if you’re looking to brave the many dangers of Puzzles & Survival’s zombie apocalypse.
• You can usually acquire Recruit Coins just by completing campaign stages, so save them up until you can cash them in for multiple goods and possibly a new hero or two.

4. Participate in the Hunt
When you have unlocked it, participate in the Hunt for extra rewards. Not just the hunt, but look out for other events that will bring you extra free rewards and shards.

5. Follow the Objectives
At the bottom left of the screen, you will see a notepad with a title, this is your current set of objectives. And for best progress, especially early in the game, we recommend you follow and complete the tasks on this list before doing other things, you don-t necessarily have to follow them in order, and some tasks you will find that you cannot complete right away and some pre-requisite objectives may need to be met first, but the game holds your hand in that respect, and you are guided to what you need to do before you are able to complete an objective with the 'Go' icon.

And players all around the world seem to love the game too! The hero roster in this game is nothing short of diversity. There are heroes from all kinds of backgrounds and races. There's this badass looking Japanese school girl wielding two swords against zombies. A fearsome dude named Dr. J who looks a bit like a certain world-famous jester. And there are more. Perhaps that's why shortly after its official release, Puzzles & Survival became one of the top 50 games on the App Store and Google Play download rankings in regions including the US, UK, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and numerous European countries.

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