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Runescape Adds Archaeology Skill in 2020

Archaeology is the first new skill to arrive in Runescape in four years. With 18 months of development behind it, a major storyline to set up, and hundreds of thousands of players to impress, there’s a lot of pressure riding on its release.

Continuing Runescape’s recent trend of digging through the past for its latest major updates – such as the Ancient Egypt-inspired Menaphos and Land Out of Time expansions – archaeology sees players hopping between five key dig sites across Gielinor, unearthing and restoring artefacts. Some of these grant powerful perks, others reveal new training methods for other skills in the game, and most tie into the world’s substantial lore.

Described as a multifaceted skill, Archaeology involves gathering, manufacturing, and trading, while also having an influence elsewhere in the game. For example, you’ll be able to summon ancient creatures that act as a friendly pet or familiar. Your discoveries will also include weapons as well as schematics for long lost technology, giving you the blueprints to build some intriguing new equipment. And if you want to buy Runescape Gold, visit z2u.com, a professional online in-game currency store.

So far, Jagex has confirmed that there will be five Archaeology dig sites added to RuneScape when the skill launches next year. These include the new Khalid-Et biome, a network of catacombs that lie beneath the desert city of Al-Kharid. You’ll also visit the vampiric lands of Morytania in your search for treasure as well as Orthen and an area of The Wilderness known as the Infernal Sword.

With the game's waning player base, RuneScape 3 fans will be glad to see content that might bring in new players. A brand new skill such as archaeology has always brought a boom to RuneScape's player count, so it isn't unreasonable to assume it will happen again. That being said, RuneScape 3's many microtransactions might make the game less appealing to stick with—especially when you compare it with, of course, Old School RuneScape.
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