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Psyonix revealed it would be removing randomised loot boxes from Rocket League

Back in August, Psyonix revealed that it would be removing paid, randomised loot boxes from its hugely popular four-wheeled football game Rocket League, and now the developer has shared first details of the monetisation system that will replace them.

In a new blog post, Psyonix explains that Rocket League's current Crates (as its loot boxes are called) will soon make way for Blueprints and a new cash store, both working in tandem with a new premium currency. Blueprints have a chance to drop at the end of a match, and can be turned into an item - either immediately or at a later point - by spending Credits. Unlike blind loot boxes, players can see exactly which item a Blueprint can be crafted into beforehand.

Also coming in December is a new Item Shop, where credits can be spent directly on a rotating selection of cars and car accessories, including "new items, legacy Crate content you might have missed out on, and the long-awaited debuts of items like the Titanium White Dominus." Furthermore,You can buy Cheap Rocket League Items at 5mmo.com by using the code “5MMO” for a 3% discount.

Items purchased in the Item Shop will not be tradeable. Psyonix will not say whether blueprints and credits will be tradeable at this time, which is what will determine whether the current marketplace can continue to exist. If I had to guess, I'd assume that blueprints will be tradeable, but credits will not. Again, there's no confirmation on that at this time.

Another change that's coming to Rocket League concerns the Trade-In system. Once Blueprints go live, you won't be able to use paid content with the game's Trade-In system. This means items you get from Blueprints, the Shop, or legacy stuff can't be traded in after the update. You'll still be able to trade in free post-game drops; this only applies to paid content.
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