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Planetarium has just announced the final presale for their new MMORPG, Nine Chronicles

In collaboration with Ubisoft and the global venture fund, Hashed, Planetarium has just announced the final presale for their new MMORPG, Nine Chronicles. What makes Nine Chronicles unique is that it will be powered by its players using blockchain technology and an elaborate in-game economy.

Nine Chronicles is an exciting side-scrolling RPG in its own right, with nine beautifully illustrated worlds to explore, an extensive crafting system, and rewarding gameplay. But it's the game's moddability that has its developers so excited. As the first completely decentralized fantasy game, Nine Chronicles just might be the first video game that lives—and thrives—forever.

A revolutionary approach to the user?
With Nine Chronicles, the Planetarium hopes to sow the seeds of a new dimension to the self-centered gaming community.

"A lot of people are frustrated because these virtual worlds were created by corporations," says Kijun Seo, founder of the Planetarium. "These worlds were made to serve only them and generate as much profit as possible."

"It's not bad in itself," adds Seo. "But when you have tens or hundreds of thousands of people, you can let them self-organize and modify the software and build something the community believes in," he said, referring to the modding concept that allows users to edit games to their liking without having to rebuild the software from scratch. (mods).

New ideas, new innovations
Sensing the potential of the tech behind Nine Chronicles, Ubisoft jumped at the chance to get involved. There is a strong community already behind Nine Chronicles, with the feedback from the game’s closed beta expected to significantly affect the development.

“Decentralized gaming is still in its nascent stage, and Nine Chronicles is an exciting opportunity for the future of open-source online games powered by the community itself,” said Kijun Seo, Planetarium’s CEO. “We are very happy to continue our relationship with Ubisoft, and be partnered with Hashed to build out this ecosystem.”

Planetarium is also one of the first companies in Asia to be selected for Ubisoft’s Entrepreneurs Lab.

Nine Chronicles is not the first blockchain game to hit the market. Popular games like CryptoKitties come to mind, and in terms of a blockchain MMORPG, there's the example of Huntercoin. What makes Nine Chronicles unique in terms of the game's development is that it comes with advisement from Ubisoft, one of the top game design companies in the world. If nothing else, it's an interesting development in the continued mainstreaming of blockchain games.

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