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New World has been delayed for a second time

Cheap New Wolrd Gold New World, Amazon Game Studios’ ambitious massively multiplayer online game, has been delayed for a second time until the Spring of 2021.

Amazon Game Studios and New World Studio Director Rich Lawrence announced the game’s delay on the game’s Twitter on July 10, 2020. According to Lawrence, the team wants more time to develop middle and end game content that will keep players immersed throughout their time with New World.

New World

This isn’t the MMO’s first time dealing with a delay, as the project was first set to arrive in May 2020 before being pushed to later in the year. The delay also follows a development shake-up for Crucible, another Amazon Games project. Crucible launched to a quickly diminishing player base, leading the game to return to beta for now.

What Amazon is attempting to do is no easy feat. The MMO space has several entrenched entrants (World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls Online, Runescape, Eve Online, etc.) and the genre arguably peaked about a decade ago when World of Warcraft enjoyed 12 million players in 2010. Since then, we’ve seen the rise of free-to-play games and MMOs like Guild Wars and Star Wars: The Old Republic. There’s also been a noticeable shift towards other styles of online gameplay, including Battle Royale (Fortnite, PUBG), MOBA (League of Legends, Dota), and team-based shooters (Counter-Strike, Overwatch).

New World is Amazon Games’ big foray into the MMO world, and it made a splash when it was revealed during The Game Awards in December of last year. It’s set in the 17th century during the Age of Exploration on an island called Aeternum, and it’s going to be huge, with the ability for up to 100 players to fight each other all at once in special battles called fortress sieges.

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