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New World achieved an all-time peak of precisely 200,853 concurrent users within the 24 hours

It felt like it'd been forever since we'd had a big MMO launch—until this summer. Between Crowfall, Swords of Legends Online, and Amazon's upcoming New World, there's now a sudden glut of them. But of those three, New World seems to be the most popular, judging by the 190,000 players who jumped into its closed beta simultaneously yesterday.

According to third-party tracking tool SteamDB, New World achieved an all-time peak of precisely 200,853 concurrent users within the last 24 hours, and has been consistently breaching the 150,000 concurrent player threshold since launching in beta form on July 20, 2021.

It will be heartening new for Amazon Games, which has struggled to make an impact with its first games. a Grand Tour game was removed from sale, multiple projects have been cancelled, and reports have emerged of struggles with both management and the in-house game engine.

This number won’t be a shock to those who tried to get in on the action on launch and were met with long queue times. With so many day one players, the game took its spot in the top four games on Steam, right in front of Grand Theft Auto 5 and Apex Legends.

Still, New World is looking like it'll be the big MMO hit of the summer. For comparison, Sword of Legends Online has reportedly sold 200,000 copies in the week of its launch—which is still a lot of copies—but has only peaked at just over 18,000 concurrent players. It's a pretty good MMO, though, once you persevere through its boring and repetitive leveling process.

That said, it's still a notable figure given Amazon has so far struggled to realize its lofty video game ambitions. The company had previously tried and failed to get two projects in the form of free-to-play shooter Crucible and an unnamed Lord of the Rings MMO off the ground, with the former actually launching on May 20, 2020, before eventually returning to closed beta and then being canceled outright.

The beta, which runs from July 20 until August 2, has functioned quite well for most players, aside from its heavily publicized destruction of EVGA RTX 3090 graphics cards, and is shaping up to be a nice alternative to the current games dominating the MMO space.

Players hoping to gain access to the New World closed beta have a few options. Those interested can either sign up via the New World website for a chance to gain access, or pre-order the full game from Amazon or Steam. The New World closed beta will run until August 2, and the full game is set to release on August 31.

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