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NBA 2K League SwantE Analysis

NBA 2K18 is a basketball simulation game published by 2K Sports for PS4/ XboxOne/PC. The player mainly plays NBA basketball games with real-life or customized players and teams. Players purchase card packs by NBA 2K18 MT & VC, which will give the player random items.

The well-known prospects are the players who have competed in some of the high-profile events and the under-the-radar guys are the ones who haven't, but still may have a decent following on Twitch and/or YouTube. Others may not have the competitive gaming experience or major presence on social media, but I've come across them one way or another.

His character is a 6'7" point guard (I guess) he plays with a relatively inexperienced team called New Era. I sat through a good portion of the nearly 7-hour stream above that used the #2KDraftMe hashtag and I came away with these observations.


Decent Handle

SwantE has a good command of a few dribble moves and because his character is 6'7", he has a decent advantage on the drive against point guards. This is an edge that may or may not be present in 2K League competition because we don't know avatar specifics as of yet.

Decent Mid-Range Shooter

When he takes it, SwantE is a good mid-range shooter. He should settle for it more than he does.

Falls Asleep on Defense

He gambles far too often on defense–especially with little to no communication with teammates. He could be exploited by players who utilize more ball movement and who move without the ball.

Constantly Badgers and Blames Teammates
Nothing is ever SwantE's fault, or at least that's the way it comes off. He is, however, very willing to blame his teammates at the drop of a hat. That would not work out well on an actual NBA 2K League team.

Excessive Overdribbler
If I had a mound of VC for every time SwantE did an unnecessary crossover, snatch back or wrap-around dribble, I could bless a team of five with enough virtual currency to reach 99 overall with the requisite grinding.

This entire stream was like watching a bad And-1 team and SwantE was the fake Skip to My Lou.

Absolutely Uncoachable
It's amazing to me that anyone on his team finishes a game. His play style is among the most self-serving of anyone I've ever seen use the #2KDraftMe hashtag. He only passes to get assists, not to actually run an offense. His voice is the loudest but rarely is he saying anything that appears to be helping his team.

At one point, one of his teammates refused to give him the ball as he accused him of trying to "entertain for the stream." It was brutal.

If you tag a video or stream "#2KDraftMe," you should be looking at the content attached to it–and your channel–as a resume. There's no way SwantE, or anyone else, should be submitting this type of resume to a potential employer.

If I were making the drafting decisions, this video might as well have been tagged #2KIgnoreMe, because that's what I'd be doing as a general manager. As a personality, SwantE obviously has something the public is interested in as evidenced by his 126K subscriber base. Unfortunately for him and others with a similar steez, it's probably not going to work well with a major organization.

On top of that, the core 2K skills are nothing to rave about.

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