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Madden 21,the Zero Chill is out now

Cheap MUT 21 Coins The first installment of Madden 21's Zero Chill is out now and players can earn another pack by using Prime Gaming.

Zero Chill is the latest feature for their Ultimate Team game mode. It has been added as a winter update to the game. Zero Chill has new content that will provide the players with cool challenges and help upgrade their ultimate team. Players need to play, collect and upgrade in this game mode, as this will help increase their Chill Factor, unlock new experiences, and play new challenges.

The two new curries a part of Zero Chill are Snow and Chill Factor. Like with anything new, players have been asking the question of how to raise their Chill Factor. In order to boost your Chill Factor, players need to complete Zero Chill Challenges, Daily Objective Lists, Sets, and purchase certain packs in the store.

There are multiple phases to the release but the promotion starts on 14th December 2020.

We talked about some of the released content in this year's version of Zero Chill. Two of the best cards in Zero Chill are a 95 OVR Charles Woodson (Master) and a 95 OVR Derrick Henry (Master). Players that earn either of those two cards are sure to be set moving forward in their seasons.

There are two new currencies that have added to the game with Zero Chill, Snow, and Chill Factor. Many players have been asking how to get chill Factor or how to raise chill factor. Chill factor is the new ranking system for the Zero Chill mode. Players need to complete Zero Chill Challenges, Daily Objective Lists, Sets, and purchase certain packs in the Store and that’s how to get chill factor and how to raise chill factor.

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