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Kids platform in Lego look,Roblox comes to Germany

"Roblox" has been a success story in the USA since 2005, now the game kit is also coming to Germany. The German USK boss is to ensure that the title remains child-friendly despite its participation factor.

Visually, "Roblox" from the Californian forge of games of the same name is reminiscent of the LEGO games by TT Games, while the hands-free platform is playfully somewhere between "Second Life", "Skylanders" and Microsoft's scrapped "Project Spark" games kit. In "Roblox", users can create their own games and worlds in comparatively few easy steps, which they then explore together with other gamers.


Anyone who creates casual games in this way may also sell their creations to virtual visitors and thus earn a little pocket money - not unlike the concept behind "Second Life". The operators, in turn, earn money on premium memberships (up to € 22 a month) and micro-transactions. The "in-game cash" game can either be earned by the "Roblox" gamers or paid for with real dollars or Euros. There is also a bit of "Skylanders" in "Roblox": Commercially available toy figures provide access to special game items via codes.

The now 13-year-old "Roblox" has in his home country allegedly more than 90 million active members, technically at the height it is - despite regular graphics updates - but not quite. Nevertheless, one dares only now the leap to Europe, the beginning of Germany and France.

In this country with the party is the current CEO of the USK: Elisabeth Secker wants to make with other members of a "Roblox" Advisory Committee to ensure that the experience designed for younger gamers "clean" remains. Already in his home country, the developers with the help of a 24/7 attentive service team meticulously ensure that the game world is and remains suitable for children. In a playful creative kit that is anything but taken for granted: The originally successful "LEGO Universe", for example, was the reason that more and more players used the creative possibilities of the game world to stomp digital assets out of the ground.

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