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How to Get and Use Roland's Map in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy has a number of side tasks that complement its distinctive story. Finding Adelaide's uncle is one of the side objectives in the Roland Oakes tale. She asks you to look for him since he went missing. If you follow the quest marks, you'll find a camp that has been occupied by goblin partisans. How to get and use Roland's map in Hogwarts Legacy is explained in this guide. In the game, players must be sufficiently prepared with Hogwarts Legacy Account.
How to Read Roland's Map in Hogwarts Legacy
In Hogwarts Legacy, you can complete side missions through engaging with other characters, including your teachers and classmates. You'll receive an owl letter from Adelaide Oaks asking you meet up somewhere close to the Transformation Court. When you interact with her, "The Tale of Roland Oakes" side quest is triggered.
Adelaide's uncle Rowland is a businessman who might have been the victim of a terrible deal. You must travel to the camp in the north Hogwarts region of the map because Adelaide is wary of goblin supporters. In Jackdaw's Crypt, this is close to the floo road fire point.
In the map, Roland can be seen traveling along the West River and toward the Koro Ruins Floo Flame as indicated by the red line. Players will need to utilize the Disillusionment Charm or engage in combat to gain access to the ruins because this region is dangerous due to the Bandit Camp Castle that guards the entrance. In contrast, Hogwarts Legacy's broomsticks make it simple for players to fly downstream to their destination and are less likely to draw the notice of possible enemies than flying mounts.
Once the player has gained access to the deep cave from the bandit camp castle, Roland's map is of no assistance in navigating the ruins of Koro. Nonetheless, players can discover Uncle Adelaide's wand here, which the goblins did really take. To unlock the deep area of the ruins where Roland and his wand are, just start a fire with an Incendio or Confringo under the boiler upstairs. The larger metal door, which the player opens by igniting the boiler, is to the right of the table in the room where Roland's wand, the secondary item in this quest, is located.
The last step of this quest entails giving Roland the Hogwarts legacy wand back in order to set him free from his goblin-caused captivity. More adversaries can be found by moving through halls that are decorated with banners of orange and purple sphinxes. The quest, which began when the player obtained his map and utilized it to locate the wandering spellcaster in the Hogwarts legacy, comes to an end at the end of the corridor, which Roland may hear from the large bronze door at the end.
This paragraph provides a thorough explanation of how to get and use Roland's map in Hogwarts Legacy. Throughout the game, players can get ready enough Hogwarts Legacy Account to aid in getting extra maps.
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