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Hogwarts Legacy: Where to Find the Ghost of Our Love Treasure

As part of missions like The Ghost We Love, searching Hogwarts Castle and its surroundings for enchanted artifacts is a significant part of the school's past. When it comes to the Ghost of Our Love treasure map in Hogwarts Legacy, it can be challenging to figure out how to expose its position. Players can purchase a Hogwarts Legacy Account in the game to aid in the search for the ghost of our love treasure, and this article will instruct them on how to do so.
How to Find the Hogwarts Legacy's Ghost of Love Treasure
Once the player gets the Hogwarts Heritage Treasure Map in their possession, the Ghost of Our Love quest will become available. The Forbidden Forest is depicted on the map along with other images of a bridge and several floating candles. The quest does require access to a few Hogwarts Legacy spells, but if you're playing an RPG, you probably already have such spells by the time you get there.

Players don't need to learn how to utilize the Alohomora Charm because The Ghost of Our Love is one of the earliest treasure maps that they can discover. The quickest way to start this quest is to go to Hogsmeade Necropolis, where players can discover a map on one of the tombstones on the right with a floating candle. This will include a scroll that contains hazy hints about the whereabouts of some treasure. The players must first wait until after dusk in order to piece together the information.
The Floo Flame in the Forbidden Forest, which is halfway between Hogwarts and Hogsmeade, must be visited first. Follow Hogsmeade's main road if you haven't already found it. Cast Lumio on the bridge nearby the floo flame (the one shown on the map) to reveal a group of floating candles. Next, proceed through the collapsed archway that leads to the Forbidden Forest by following the candle. The road with the arch is the first one following the bridge.
Follow the flame along the main trail that leads deep into the forest after crossing the bridge there. The candles will occasionally abruptly race to the front, but don't worry—you can simply catch them because they are always in view. They would eventually make a quick left bend and turn onto an earthen embankment. They will lead you to a table and two seats that are probably set up for a private romantic rendezvous. There is a box to the right of the table. Take it as loot to finish the fun ghost side quest. You'll also receive a Treasure Hunter's Scarf as compensation for your efforts, which is claimed to be saved for the ultimate explorer.
You don't require anything more to finish the Ghost of Our Love quest in Hogwarts Legacy. If you need assistance doing this mission, you can buy a cheap Hogwarts Legacy Account in the game.
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