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High on Life: How To Get The Secret Ending

Gene informs the player that the world needs time to change as High on Life ends abruptly. In spite of this, gamers might discover a little bit about the fate of specific individuals. High on Life does have a secret ending, though, and gamers will undoubtedly want to know how to get it as it not only wraps up the game's narrative but also suggests that Squanch Games may be working on a sequel. Players must accomplish the last bounty on the High on Life task list to gain access to this secret. To obtain the game's hidden ending, players must have a sufficient number of High on Life Accounts prepared.
Find the secret ending in High on Life
You must first successfully complete High on Life by eliminating Garmantuous before using the portal station to get to the Clugg office in Nova Sanctus.
Pick up the pink Human Haven Keycard from the counter there, then proceed back to the Portal Station. The Human Sanctuary is now accessible in Uncharted Areas. Disregard the "Do Not Climb" sign and climb to the top of the skyscraper.
You should be able to see some ledges on the sides of the wall if you look up. To get to the summit, you'll have to hop up some ledges using your jetpack. Follow the walkway through a door after you've gotten to the ceiling, then use the Human Haven Keycard to unlock it.
You must use Sweezy's Time Bubble to avoid the swiveling blades as you move through the corridor and into the room, then climb into the pipe and pass through a different ventilation shaft. Before you jump, though, be ready to use Sweezy once again because there's another fan right where you landed.
You'll land in a room filled with dead people, but you won't be alarmed. Instead, you'll proceed through a neighboring door to meet Clugg, who will flee as soon as he sees you. Chase after them until you find the next room and Dr. Gurgula is there.
Gurgula will utilize his stasis power to put you in a state where you are powerless to interact with him. After his dialogue, which breaks the fourth wall, he will leave after delivering an exciting bombshell, making everyone pleased who has a gun in their possession. So you should sit down and finish his dialogue. Mention the possibilities of a sequel in your comment.
Players will then be allowed to finish up any unfinished exploration they may have. Even after finishing the main game, there are still things to learn through using the different Warp Disks and hunting for additional goodies. Players never experienced everything that High on Life has to offer, even after learning the game's secret ending. Players can prepare enough High on Life Accounts to assist uncover the secret ending by following the instructions above.
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