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High on Life: How to Defeat Nipulon (Boss Fight)

Before facing the final boss battle to liberate humanity, the player in High on Life must first beat a variety of alien bosses. One of the primary late-game bosses that Gene Zaroothian requests you destroy is Nipulon. He is an alien who resembles both the 9-Torg and the 5-Torg. He's more difficult to defeat than any of the other bounties you've gotten before him because he's the last bounty. In order for participants to prepare enough High on Life Accounts for the game, this article will explain how to overcome Nipulon.
Nipulon 's location
Nipulon is a Port Tyrone-based G3 Lead Client Liaison. Follow the signs to the ancient town by taking the conveyor belt there. Once you've eliminated the four G3 cartel bosses, you'll receive this bounty. Following Lizzie's rescue, Gene Zarusan will order you to murder "Nipulon," the second-in-command boss.
In order to take Nipulon's reward, you must engage with the Bounty 5000 machine. Once you do, a portal leading to Old Town will then appear on one side of the machine. When you go to Terene Port, you'll need to take out the G3 Cartel's security before boarding Nipulon's lounge to meet him for the boss battle.
How to beat Nipulon in High on Life
Stage 1
The initial phase is the simplest. As soon as you are permitted to enter his office, your conflict with him begins. You can attack him with any Gatlian since as soon as he reaches 60% health, he immediately releases a hallucinogen that alters the battle.
Stage 2
You will view a strange landscape after smoking the drug, filled with objects from your past adventures. You need to speak with Gene among them in order to move further. He will point to a hole with a white beam passing through it after you have spoken to him. Walking in the direction of the hole enables one to continue while also having a somewhat hallucinogenic experience. You'll battle Nepron again after going down the hole, but this time, he'll split into several clones. Find the original Nipulon (the one with the orange skin) and drain him to 30% health in order to advance to the next stage.
Stage 3
You'll need to speak with Lizzie at this point, who will also direct you to another hole with a beam. Similar to Phase 2, a combat begins when you fall down the hole, however this time Nepron and his clones will shoot lasers at you. You will have to avoid these lasers in order to locate the original Nipulon amid his clones and deplete 10% of his energy. After that, you'll be transferred to another scenario where your objective is to locate Gatlians in various places nearby. When you locate the four characters, Sweezy, Kenny, Gus, and Creature, a new hole with a light beam through it will appear.
Stage 4
You'll be dropped onto the long corridor in front of Nipulon's office during the last phase. You'll also have all four Gatlian weapons equipped, so all you have to do is blast any clones that stand in your way as you move through the corridors until you reach the genuine Nipulon at the end. When you go to him, you stab him with the Knifey, take his reward, and you succeed in achieving self-actualization.
This is how you defeat Nipulon in High on Life. Before you play Garmantuous, we advise you to purchase some improvements for your game's equipment by purchasing High on Life Accounts.
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