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Here is furnished with all the details about Adopt Me New Spring Update 2021

Adopt Me New Spring Update 2021 - Adopt Me is a game on Roblox that has earned a huge amount of fans and gamers from when it was released. Adopt Me New Spring Update 2021 is their most recent development that was released by the developers of the game. If you are someone who is an avid player of the game Adopt Me and were eagerly waiting for the latest update, Spring Update 2021 is your answer. Read the article below that is furnished with all the details about Adopt Me New Spring Update 2021.

Currently, live with the Lunar New Year update, Adopt Me is going to be getting a new Farm Shop update on 18th Feb. This update will be bringing in permanent map changes along with a new pet.

So, it is official that the new Farm Shop update will be released with changes to the map, Adoption Isle. According to the Farm Update Premiere video released on Twitter, Adoption Isle will be getting a new building. Also, some buildings have been moved from their previous locations.

Of course, what you’re really interested in is the new pets! The video shows off the new ladybird pets in a few different varieties. The basic version is black and red as you would expect but there also appears to be a silvery version which I can only presume is going to be a rarer variant.

The video also hints that to obtain the ladybird pets you will need to get hold of some lavender plants. I suspect this will work in a similar way to the bees and penguins in that you will use the lavender to attract a ladybird from a group with a small chance of getting one of the rarer versions. Sadly, the video doesn’t confirm whether or not the lavender can be purchased with in-game bucks or if we’ll have to use Robux.

However, Adopt Me’s Adoption Isle map is itself getting a change in this update. In this week’s Adopt Me weekly news video, it has been revealed that the Adoption Isle map will be getting a few changes. Adopt Me released a YouTube video about the changes that will be coming to the game this week. The narrator said- “some buildings are moving and a brand new building is arriving with a very own pet to celebrate.” So from this statement, we can easily deduct that a new pet is coming to Adopt Me. The update video will be live premiering on Wednesday, 17th Feb as stated in this video. So, get ready to witness some exciting changes in Adopt Me.

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