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Here are our quick rundown of things you should know about Taichi Panda Heroes

It's hard to predict which games among the hundreds of thousands in the Play Store will hit the sweet spot and become a sensation. Taichi Panda, Snail Games' Diablo-style dungeon crawler, is a good example. Since its release a little over a year ago it's gained over five million downloads and an impressive audience of frequent players both free and paid. After a successful soft launch period, the developer is returning to its anthropomorphic well with a sequel called Taichi Panda: Heroes.

Taichi Panda: Heroes features an expansive fantasy world of highly trained warriors with various abilities. When starting out you get to choose your main fighter, soon you will be able to upgrade the abilities of your warrior and collect others as well. There is a guided tour initially with intriguing cut scenes that shows cinematic snippets of your journey. However, I find that there are a lot of granular aspects in the items collected and upgrade system that are not clearly explained. This aside, with enough gameplay you will soon understand items collected in battles must be upgraded in order to strengthen your hero in further bouts.

Taichi: Panda Heroes is a big, crazy game. And while it's not too hard to get started, we can help you avoid falling behind or running into trouble when you're still fresh and vulnerable. It's a big scary world full of evil ninjas and horrible pig-people, so don't go unprepared!

Here's our quick rundown of things you should know:

Use your skills often!
There’s no need to hold back! Unleash your skills and decimate your enemies as fast as you can! Your first two abilities usually have really short cooldowns, maybe somewhere around four to ten seconds. Use these as soon as they’re off cooldown to take out enemies fast. Don’t worry about your SP (the blue bar), as every time you land a normal attack you’ll get some of it back. Try to strike a balance between normal combos and your skills to take down the enemy!

Be careful out there!
Taichi Panda: Heroes is an MMO, which means that if you're careless, you can end up wandering into a PvP zone or picking a fight with a mob that's way above your level. That can be very bad for you, so make sure that you're paying attention to where you're going and that you're not pushing your characters too hard. Watch the levels of the mobs around you and be on the lookout for griefers and other hazards of open world play.

Free loot!
Snail Games is really good about giving out items, boosts, and goodies, but you need to make sure that you're taking advantage of everything that's available to you. You'll see next to all of the icons on your home screen that there are numbers attached to them -- these tell you that there's something to be collected. Don't ignore them! You can get free stuff for participating in events, if the servers go down, and just for logging in every day.

Claim your free treasures!
The “treasure” icon next to the event icon lets you draw for hero shards, equipment, and more. The left blue shrine lets you draw for equipment and hero shards, while the right orange shrine lets you draw for a super rare piece of gear. You can draw from the orange shrine for FREE every two days, so make sure to do that! For the blue shrine, you can draw free every couple of minutes.

The free-to-play elements are pushed hard in Taichi Panda: Heroes, but the original game was known as one that was at least playable for free without an inordinate amount of grind. Give it a try if you want a stylish online RPG with plenty of multiplayer content.

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