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Genshin Impact is now available worldwide

Genshin Impact Acquaint Fate Account Genshin Impact is now available worldwide. The new bet of miHoYo under the genre of fantastic adventure and action RPG with exploration in a huge open world lands under a free free to play format on PlayStation 4 PC and iOS and Android mobile devices.

The Xbox is apparently the only big platform for which the game does not appear - even if the miHoYo statement does not exclude this 100% for the future.

Genshin Impact will also appear at Switch that's already certain. There is even an official trailer already. But a specific release date for the Nintendo platform is still pending.

Is there crossplay? Your progress will be shared between the PC and Mobile platforms. For PS4 you have to create a new independent account. However it is possible for PC and mobile players to interact with PS4 owners.

When Genshin Impact is officially released the first two of the Seven Great Mainland Cities of Teyvat Mondstadt and Liyue buy Genshin Impact Account will be available and they are currently finalizing the following cities and maps. They plan to support our game for the long term and these other cities will be added after the game officially launches.

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