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EVE Echoes,Mobile offshoot of the space saga had starts in August

EVE Echoes ISK EVE Echoes is therefore an MMO taking place in a sandbox-type science fiction / space-opera universe where you will have the opportunity to develop your fleet and then your corporation. Note that EVE Online is a rather slow-paced game so in itself the initial idea of ​​porting such a dense game to smartphone and tablet seems quite logical.

Game description by the manufacturer: "EVE Echoes is a next-gen sandbox MMO mobile game based on the award-winning space MMO EVE Online. In a gigantic universe consisting of over 8,000 solar systems players can freely use resources in the multiplayer sandbox New Eden collect produce items trade in the complex in-game economy go on a voyage of discovery and compete in massive PvP and PvE battles. "

EVE Online is a free multiplayer internet role-playing cheap EVE Online Mobile ISKgame from the Icelandic developer CCP Games. The space flight simulation sees itself in the tradition of the classic game Elite and has its focus on trade and combat. The PC game started in 2003 and is available for Mac and Linux.

As for EVE Online EVE Echoes rests and will rely heavily on the behavior and support of players at all stages of the game's evolution. On the occasion of a presentation video unveiled during this stream we had the opportunity to see many captures of the game in its current state. The opportunity to discover many aspects of gameplay in-game interface and especially the visual dimension of the title which very clearly is very impressive. Rarely have we seen a mobile game at this visual level.

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