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Dream Accused of Cheating During Speedrun

Cheap Minecraft Coins Dream became known as a Minecraft YouTuber originally, but over the past year, he’s also secured a whole new wave of fans from playing with popular creators like Mr Beast and Corpse Husband.

Although Minecraft is a sandbox open-world game with freedom to create and explore, it has become a popular speedrunning choice for Twitch streamers. In 2020, Dream performed his own speedrun, where he reached the end in a minute and 16 seconds. However, the legitimacy of his speedrun is up for debate, and it has caused a bit of a sandal. It's time to break down all the drama surrounding Dream and his Minecraft speedrun.

The moderators for Minecraft’s speedrunning leaderboards essentially claim that Dream was somehow manipulating RNG so that Minecraft’s Piglin trading feature would give him the drops he needed faster than normal. Dream has refuted these claims multiple times on his personal Twitter account, claiming the moderation team’s verdict was biased against him. This is mainly because the head moderator of the official Minecraft speedrunning leaderboard, Geosquare, published an in-depth video proving why the RNG in Dream’s past runs would likely never realistically occur, even by chance. In the video, Geosquare compares Dream’s RNG regarding Piglin trading and Blaze Rod drops to other speedruns, showing Dream’s luck with RNG was substantially higher than others.

Dream has not taken these accusations lying down. He actually hired an astrophysicist to look over the statistics and probabilities the mods mention in their report. As he explains in his video response description, “Although I would have loved to attempt to refute the math myself, I suck at math and would have looked like a complete idiot. So, that’s where an expert comes in.”

In the description of the video, Geosquare said that “I feel like this wasn’t communicated strongly enough but this video is NOT my content. Please please DO NOT interact with my channel after watching this, this is just a PSA from the mod team.”

On the subject of apologies, that same day, Dream tweeted out a statement about the comments he previously made about the Minecraft speedrun cheating scandal. "I want to apologize to the mod team for some harsh things I've said since the video came out. Although I have reason to be upset, I have no reason to act like a baby. I tend to act before I think when I receive intense criticism," Dream wrote.

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