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AFC Is More Likely to Be Added to FIFA 18 Than CSL Based on a Brief Analysis

In our previous predictions of FIFA 18, we have provided some evidence that CSL is likely to be added to FIFA 18. However, according to an objective analysis, CSL is less likely to be added to FIFA 18 than AFC if we do a brief analysis of it. It can be analyzed form commercial aspects after all developers of EA Sports must take sales into their first consideration.

CSL Is Not Favored Among the Members of Asian Market
Usually the aim of empowerment is closely linked to profit. J League was added to FIFA. Many players can’t understand that. There are three reasons for the empowerment of J League. First, games on PC platform are very popular in Japan; Second, football game will be widely accepted among Japanese. The sales of PES in Japan has proved the fact. The third is that we can see the plan of EA Sports to occupy the Asian market. They have Saudi League in Western Asian, J League and K League in East Asia; A-League in Oceania. Almost all competitive leagues have been added. So they have no need for CSL. What’s more, electric games are not welcome in China. 

FIFA 18-csl-logo

AFC Is Likely to Be Added
First, main leagues of AFC have already been empowered by EA Sports. Especially that half of leagues of AFC have been involved in FIFA 17. So it will be easier for empowerment at least they have established a friendly relationship with each other. In addition, the cooperation between EA Sports and AFC will pave the way for the participation of CSL. Many players are really eager to have CSL in FIFA 18. But EA Sports cannot pay for the cost for adding CSL directly. So if AFC can be added first, we will have CSL at last.

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