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WoW Classic Battlegrounds Map Recreated In Epic Minecraft Creation

Although many World of Warcraft PvP environments and challenges have come in gone over the years, the popularity of the Arathi Basin Battlegrounds has always held strong. The base control PvP landscape is nearly as old as the MMO itself and many players made some amazing memories at its iconic locations.

In the latest edition of World of Warcraft players making their own creations to show their love for the game, a duo of players who are also Minecraft enthusiasts took to the crafting game to create an amazing replica of the Arathi Basin map. The screenshots show the massive scale of the Minecraft project and the insane amount of detail that went into capturing the likeness of the battleground.

Recently, a user on Reddit, MooshPMC, posted their recreation of World of Warcraft’s Arathi Basin in Minecraft. The crafter went to great lengths to create every minute detail from the battleground, from every capture point to the trees, river, and pathways. The spawn areas for Alliance and Horde have also been recreated, as well as the cliff on which the Lumber Yard rests. And if you want to buy WOW Classic EU Gold, visit z2u.com, a professional online in-game currency store.

Fan reactions have mostly boiled down to the irritation presented when participating in an Arathi Basin match because of the lack of teamwork and objective play many individuals showcase on the map. “Where are all the people fighting on the roads?” one user asked. “No one at stables, seems real to me,” another jabbed. Some commenters, however, took to discussing the validity of strategies that mandate fighting on the roads to slow down attackers and divide the enemy team.

At this point, the original creator has not shared a public link to allow players to join the world and check out the nearly-to-scale replica of Arathi Basin in Minecraft, but many commenters on Reddit have already made the request. Hopefully a public version becomes available, so that fans of both the MMO and the crafting game can jump in and check it out for themselves.
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