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Temtem new area is clearly inspired by Pokemon's Safari Zone

Nearly every Pokémon game includes something called a Safari Zone, a special area where rare wild monsters roam. And now, Temtem, the monster-collecting MMO, has something that’s clearly been inspired by the Safari Zone — except the concept has been updated for the age of games-as-service.

A February 17 update to Temtem adds The Saipark, an end-game area that acts as a natural reserve. The Temtem that you can encounter here change every week, and there’s a big incentive to check them out. According to the patch notes, there’s a higher chance of Saipark’s creatures appearing in unique Luma colors. Saipark’s Temtem also have egg moves, as well as better stats in general.

The Saipark - an in-universe nature preserve - will feature just two different species of Temtem at a time. Which species it holds will change on a weekly schedule; we're starting off with the mentalist owl Barnshe and the aquatic deer, uh, thing Oceara. Temtem caught in the Saipark may have special features, such as special egg moves or minimum starting values for their stats (SVs). This time it's doubled Temtem Luma rates, which makes your chances to catch one of the specially colored creatures 1 in 4,000 instead of 1 in 8,000. If you want to Buy Temtem Pansun, we 5mmo.com can give you a very low price, welcome to buy.

Players will need to buy special Temcards for the park, called Saicards. These will expire by the end of the week, and only work within the park. There's a fee involved in entering the park, and each time they buy cards over the week the price will go up. It's a good way for players who have put a lot of time into Temtem to capture some interesting critters.

A Player's Vault has also been added to the game, which can be access from a big Temporium and can be used for additional storage. You can keep your items in the vault between resets, and items redeemed through promo codes will now go directly in there.
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