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Escape from Tarkov's Growing Popularity Breaks Down the Servers

Throughout this past couple of days, more precisely since the activation of the Twitch Drop and surprising boom of Tarkov inside the Twitch repository, the game has gathered a lot of attention. It has managed to attract lots of players, who, at this very moment, are helplessly sitting in front of their PC monitors trying to get into the game.

Online multiplayer shooting games have become a huge mainstream trend as of recently, which is why it is surprising that Escape from Tarkov can compete with stronger and more popular games and even get a share of the market. This game did so well that even their very own servers were overloaded, and now they have to make improvements to make room for even more.

Battlestate Games has issued a statement on the problem. Most importantly, Battlestate confirms that it's working on a solution for the error. There's no timeframe for when the fix will be finished and delivered to players, but Battlestate will let players know as soon as it can. Battlestate also provides a reason for the error, as well as guidance. The reason is self-evidence, there's a "backend error" in the game that's being triggered due to the servers being crowded "during weekend rush hours."

As for what players should do if they experience the error, Battlestate can only reassure folk that nothing serious has happened. Battlestate says that if players should encounter the error, it's best to wait 5-10 minutes before restarting the game. There's nothing to be done in order to prevent the error. And after it has happened, there's nothing to do to speed up the process. Escape from Tarkov is just too popular right now.

Even though the issue is not as bad as it seems, this is completely something that Escape from Tarkov did not expect since they are just a new game on the block. This may be a positive problem for Escape from Tarkov as players are still interested in playing this game even if it is not yet officially offered on Steam. The bugs are expected to be fixed in no time at all, and the technical difficulties players experience when logging in to Escape from Tarkov would be fixed in no time. Stay tuned to 5mmo.com and we will be the first one to inform you all the latest. Besides, our website also offer Cheap EFT Roubles for players.
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